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Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome an engaged discussion on genetically modified food. Please submit questions here and we will update these FAQs.


When can I order Purple Tomato products?

We are working with US regulatory agencies proactively to ensure our purple tomatoes receive all necessary approvals prior to delivering products. While in progress, we are continuing to improve the purple tomato through traditional breeding techniques within controlled facilities permitted to work with GMOs.


Why would I eat a GMO purple tomato, instead of a "natural" purple tomato?

It's your choice! Some of us prefer Sun Gold cherry tomatoes from our backyard garden, or heirloom beefsteak tomatoes from the local farmers' market, while others prefer to buy whatever fruit is on sale at their grocery store. Some of us prefer to get diverse nutrients from fruits and vegetables, while others rely on supplements. 

Our genetically engineered purple tomato makes anthocyanins (antioxidants) in its fruit because two genes from snapdragon plants were added using a well-established and understood technology adapted from nature. This precise approach means that the rest of the tomato genome comes from domesticated varieties with good qualities for production, yield and flavor. Our approach also makes tomatoes with much higher levels of anthocyanins than purple tomatoes made by traditional plant breeding methods.

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