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After years of cheering us on (thank you!), fans of Norfolk Healthy Produce's high anthocyanin Purple Tomato can finally grow these Tasty, Beautiful and Nutritious tomatoes in your garden.


Our Purple Tomato is bioengineered to produce purple antioxidants in the skin and flesh, making the entire fruit more nutritious.


Tomatoes have a deliciously earthy, savory flavor.
Great for salads, snacking, and elegant dishes.


The Purple Tomato is ONLY available in the USA.
Limit one order per customer, due to limited supplies.

10 seeds per packet

Seeds: The Purple Tomato (10 seeds)

SKU: 2024120
  • By purchasing NHP Purple Tomato seeds, I accept the following conditions:

    • Seeds, fruit and plant material are only allowed in the USA.

    • The seeds are a patented variety and are sold to enjoy in your home garden and with your local community.

    • No sales of fruit, seeds or plants are permitted in this agreement, including any derived varieties.

    • These seeds come with no warranties.

    • For more information, see our website FAQs.

  • The Purple Tomato is an indeterminate large-fruited cherry tomato with highly vigorous vegetative growth and a strong main stem. Fruit forms green and turns purple in the skin and flesh. Ready for harvest when fruit begins to feel soft.

    Growing instructions: Use your favorite indeterminate tomato methods!

    Sow seeds in starter pots 1/4" deep in loose soil. Transplant 3 to 5 weeks after sowing into soil rich with organic matter.
    For best results, trim suckers and trellis the main vine.
    Maturity: Approximately 70 days

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